You’re 100% unique.
So is every Exty membership.

Exty is the world’s most advanced health optimization system.

Every Exty member gets a 100%-personalized:
meal plan, fitness plan,  AI copilot, and dedicated human coach.

You’re 100% unique.
So is every Exty membership.

Exty is the world’s most advanced health optimization system.

Every Exty member gets a 100%-personalized: meal plan, fitness plan,  AI copilot, and dedicated human coach.

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Exty: The World’s First Health Copilot System.

Welcome to Exty, your pioneering health copilot system designed to navigate the journey toward optimal well-being alongside you.

At the heart of Exty is a dedication to personalizing your path to longevity, equipping you with AI-driven insights and bespoke wellness strategies.

As your health copilot, Exty listens, learns, and adapts to your individual needs, providing you with tailored guidance on nutrition, lifestyle, and holistic health practices. Embrace the future with confidence as Exty steers you towards a life of enriched health and vitality. Your journey to a more fulfilled, healthier self starts here.

Exty’s system is designed to learn about you, your habits, and your health over time. Offering advice in everything from nutrition education and meal-planning to exercise selection and more.

📸 Snap photos of your meals

Exty’s Copilot will accurately breakdown your meal’s information and give you any data you’d ask for.

It’ll also compare the meal’s nutrition information with your health goals and diet plan to help you stay in alignment.

💡Ask Exty for Inspiration

You can give Exty photos of everything in your pantry, on your kitchen counter, refrigerator, or even a photo of your groceries receipt and ask your personalized copilot to create an individualized meal plan with recipes and more. Exty will even offer healthy alternatives with similar health profiles!

🧮 Track & Calculate Your Daily Goals

Exty’s Copilot has been designed with a long-term memory that considers your completely unique profile and circumstances to make sure that you’re following the proper nutrition plan. The Key to your health is individualized and monitored by Exty.

👨‍⚕️ Go Beyond Food & Receive Holistic Health Advice

Have you been looking to do yoga, but don’t know how to start? Exty will help you. Maybe you’ve been interested in a specific meditation technique? Exty will teach you.

Exty’s copilot is not a simple ChatGPT app, but a complete system with regularly updated medical research and an over-the shoulder system for medical experts to review Exty’s answers to your questions (only upon your request).

What Is a Health Copilot?

A health copilot isn’t just an app, a tool, or a service; it’s an ever-present ally in your daily life, dedicated to keeping your wellness journey on course. Much like a navigator in the skies, a health copilot helps to steer you towards your desired health outcomes, offering guidance, support, and insightful data every step of the way.

A health copilot system, like Exty, combines advanced AI with personalized human insight to help manage your nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being. It’s a system attuned to your lifestyle and goals, equipped to anticipate and support your health needs through intelligent interaction, tailored advice, and real-time assistance.

Why Use a Health Copilot?

Imagine having a dedicated advisor ready at all times to answer your health queries, motivate you towards better habits, and celebrate your milestones. That’s the power of a health copilot. It’s not about quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions; it’s about understanding your unique health profile and crafting a journey tailored just for you.

With a health copilot like Exty, you’ll unlock the potential to make more informed decisions that align with your health and longevity goals. Real-time interaction, combined with the continuous learning of an AI system, helps you build a resilient foundation for a thriving, healthy future, keeping you informed, motivated, and engaged.

AI: Already Surpassing Humans In Accuracy & Detection

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, AI health copilots are emerging as precise tools that complement the expertise of human healthcare professionals. Systems like Google Health’s AMIE are demonstrating promising results, with studies indicating that in certain simulated scenarios, AI can achieve diagnostic accuracy that meets or even exceeds that of seasoned clinicians.

By meticulously parsing vast medical databases and continuously learning from interactions and feedback, AI health copilots like Exty can process and recall medical knowledge with a level of detail and consistency challenging for even the most diligent humans.

This remarkable accuracy in specific tasks bolsters AI’s role as a vital support system, ensuring that individuals receive guidance that’s both informed and reliable. 

A few recent examples of AI’s advancements in healthcare technology:

Discover Exty – Your Personal Health Copilot System

Exty is more than just groundbreaking technology; it’s a complete wellness ecosystem designed to adapt to your individual needs and elevate your healthspan. With Exty as your copilot, you gain a dynamic partner in your pursuit of optimal health. Here’s how Exty stands with you, every step of the way:

  • 24/7 Access to Chat with Exty
    Day or night, our sophisticated AI is always ready for a health chat, providing instant, science-backed answers to your questions.
  • One-on-One Human Coaching
    Personalize your path to wellness with our expert health coaches, offering individual guidance and support as you embrace your health transformation.
  • Goal Tracking & Accountability
    Set your health objectives and let Exty track your progress, reminding you of milestones and keeping you accountable for daily and long-term goals.
  • Exty’s Meal Recognition AI
    Snap a photo of your plate, and Exty’s meal recognition AI will analyze it, offering nutritional insights and suggestions to optimize your diet.

  • Monthly Personalized Health Plans
    Based on your unique health data, Exty crafts a new health plan each month, targeting areas for improvement and maintaining your momentum towards wellness.
  • A Private VIP Daily Health Newsletter
    Stay in the know with our exclusive health newsletter, delivering cutting-edge research and wellness tips straight to your inbox each day.
  • AI Weekly Meal Planner
    Take the guesswork out of meal planning. Exty uses your dietary preferences and health goals to create a fully personalized meal plan for the week ahead.
  • Weekly Exty Life Newsletter
    Get inspired with the Exty Life Newsletter, highlighting success stories, lifestyle tips, and strategies to boost your longevity each week.
  • Unlimited Access to Exty Articles
    Dive into a vast library of articles exploring every facet of health and wellness, accessible any time to premium members.

Empower your journey with Exty – your trusted companion for a healthful and vibrant life ahead. Begin today and experience the transformative effect of having Exty on your side.

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