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As a trusted ally for those over 45, we’re here to guide you through a diverse landscape of health solutions tailored to meet your needs, backed by the expertise that inspires confidence.

Discover a world of innovative health education, personalized care, and groundbreaking research at your fingertips. Join us as we transcend boundaries and harness the power of collective knowledge to illuminate your path to optimal health. The future of your well-being starts here, with Exty.

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At Exty, we open doors to a rejuvenated future. Our solutions combine the best of traditional health practices and modern science, supported by our pioneering AI technology, to create a personalized health revolution that’s tailored just for you.

Exty: The World’s First AI Health & Longevity Copilot

Meet Exty.

Exty’s bespoke artificial intelligence designed to be your guide on the journey to increased healthspan and enriched life. Coach Exty is the result of our innovative approach to health education — a conversational AI developed to distill complex research into practical, accessible wisdom.

Unlike any traditional resource, Exty combines cutting-edge science with the time-tested principles of longevity, providing tailored insights that empower you to live your healthiest life.

With Exty, enhance your understanding of nutrition, exercise, and holistic wellness through interactive learning that’s as engaging as it is enlightening. Join us in pioneering a future where longevity is not just about adding years to your life, but life to your years — all with the support of your personal AI health educator, Exty.

AI-Driven Nutritional Plans

Nutrition is the bedrock of longevity. Drawing upon the dietary patterns of the longest-lived cultures, our AI-driven nutritional plans are designed to enhance your daily diet with life-extending foods. Each plan is customized to your preferences, health goals, and nutritional needs, ensuring that eating well is not just healthy, but delightful.

Lifestyle Guidance for Mindful Living

Balancing the demands of modern life with the need for health isn’t always easy. Our experts provide lifestyle guidance that helps you find harmony. From stress reduction techniques to exercise routines that fit your level of mobility and interest, we craft a mindful living approach that complements your pursuit of longevity.

Technology Integration for Well-being

In a world where technology is ever-present, we help you make it a positive factor in your health journey. Our solutions teach you how to harmonize your use of technology with your well-being, whether it’s through digital tools that track your health, apps that improve your sleep, or online communities that support your goals.

Education, Support, and Community

Knowledge is your ally in the quest for a healthier life. We offer a wealth of educational resources, from webinars to e-books, all geared towards demystifying the aging process and giving you the control to make informed decisions. Plus, when you join Exty, you’re instantly part of a supportive community where experiences are shared, and successes celebrated together.

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Embrace the essence of vitality today. Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or a comprehensive overhaul of your health regimen, Exty has the tools, expertise, and supportive community to guide you.

Join us now and begin your journey toward a life enriched with vigor and longevity. With each step, you’ll feel better, live better, and truly thrive.

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