Working to Extend Healthspans Through AI Therapeutics.

At Exty we use Deep Learning to amplify bioinformatics while developing healthspan extending technologies and therapies.

Discover how we are changing lives around the world.

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What is “Healthspan”?

When we talk about a long and fulfilling life, it’s your ‘healthspan’ that truly counts, not just your lifespan.

Health span refers to the years of life spent in vibrant health, where you’re free to live your dreams without the constraints of chronic diseases or debilitating conditions.

It’s about reaping the benefits of longevity, like playing with your grandchildren, traveling the world, or pursuing new hobbies with energy and exuberance.

Prioritizing healthspan means prioritizing a life brimming with opportunities, joy, and well-being. It’s the meaningful, active years that we really treasure, helping us build a legacy of experiences and memories, rather than just a tally of years. At Exty, we champion health span because we understand that the richest life is one where quality and quantity go hand in hand, ensuring that every additional year is a year worth celebrating.

Our Mission

To boldly extend the number of healthy years someone experiences (also known as the “healthspan”) through groundbreaking technologies and transformative research.

At Exty, we are committed to pioneering advancements that unlock the potential for healthier, longer lives. With a fusion of cutting-edge science and personalized care, we empower individuals around the globe to not just add years to their life, but life to their years.

Discover Balanced Health Solutions for an Evolving World

Discover life’s full potential with Exty, where our passion for pioneering health solutions transcends boundaries. We’re forging a path to greater longevity through advanced technologies designed to extend and enhance life.

Our Commitment to Longevity

We at Exty are revolutionizing the quest for adding healthy years to the average human life with state-of-the-art technologies and research. Our global network, encompassing offices from Fort Lauderdale to Singapore, operates at the nexus of scientific discovery and practical application, pushing the envelope of what it means to live a longer, healthier life.

Why Exty?

Life-Extending Innovations:
Charting new courses in health through groundbreaking longevity research and technology.

Global Collaboration:
Bridging international expertise to accelerate advancements in life extension and share them worldwide.

Tailored Longevity Programs:
Creating personalized pathways to wellness with regimens and interventions focused on extending healthspans.

Expert Ecosystem:
Our interdisciplinary teams consist of the best minds in longevity science, from geneticists to biotech engineers.