Integrated Live Messaging Completed & Goal Tracking Under Development

Hello, fellow Extyans!

I’m proud to announce that as we start rolling out our goal-tracking and personal one-on-one coaching systems, we’ve already perfected and implemented our live chat feature! That means that you’ll no longer need to use WhatsApp or Telegram to chat with your Exty personal coach, we can now keep everything integrated within the platform and use that data to train your Exty to get even smarter and more understanding of your needs.

All logged-in users can access their messages here.

YOUR GOALS [Under Development]
We’re currently testing a new goal-setting and goal-tracking system so you can input your health goals and mark off completed milestones with your personal Exty coach. I’m expecting this update to be completed (and live) within the next few days.

VARIOUS CALCULATORS & TOOLS [Under Development] I’m building several bots you can use to make instant health decisions. For example, want to find Exty-compatible menu items while eating out? There will be a bot for that. Or maybe you’re standing in front of your open refrigerator or a supermarket and want some instant healthy recipe ideas, you’ll be able to snap a photo and get instant answers. I’m super excited about launching the Exty feature that allows you to input your budget while Exty actually gives you a shopping list, so you can eat while following the Exty Longevity Diet without breaking the bank. These will be rolling out within two weeks.